Welcome to Oasis Trails which is run by an international community of Volunteers!
Our desire is to offer pilgrims a place of peace and rest on their journey.

Our refuge is a rustic old Spanish house in the center of Villamayor de Monjardín overlooking the valley. It was started in 1997 by two Dutch guys with a dream to create an oasis for people on the journey of life. One of them had previously been on such a pilgrimage himself, the hippie trail to India. In search of answers he met Jesus, and since then his life has been changed.

Where to find us:
When pilgrims leave Estella they will pass the wine fountain and there is the option to go right or left.  The path to the right leads to Villamayor de Monjardín. Going left leads to Luquin, and will add another 3km to the journey.


Walking distances From
Maneru: 27 km
Cirauqui: 23km
Lorca: 19 km
Villatuerta: 14 km
Estella: 10km
Ayegui: 8 km
Walking distances To
Los Arcos: 12 km
Sansol: 18 km
Torres del Rio: 19 km
Viana: 30 km



Besides the typical list of our services (see below) we want you to know that our aim is to make you feel at home in our community. We work with volunteers from all over the world and we would love to connect with you and hear your story. We want to help you with whatever we are able – a saltwater foot bath, practical advice, phone calls, a pair of sandals… you name it, we may just be able to meet your needs!

  • 21 dorm beds – divided between 4 rooms(8 top beds in total), sleeping bag required!

  • 1 Private rooms (shared bathroom)  with a queen bed and a single bed, bedding included
  • 3 hot and clean showers and 3 toilets

  • Spinner to spin-dry your handwashed clothes

  • Washing lines

  • Terrace (in front of the albergue and on the roof)

  • Drinks and snacks: smoothies, hummus, chips and salsa

  • Communal dinner

  • Take-away Breakfast

  • Free coffee and tea + microwave

  • Fireplace (April and October only)

  • Free Wifi on the terrace and in parts of the building

  • Towels available for donation


Our prices:

Beds in a dorm room (5 or 6 beds) €12/ bed

1 private room (shared bathroom), with a double and single bed, bedding included
€35 for 1person
€40 for 2 people
€45 for 3 people


Dinner €12

Breakfast takeaway style €4

Opening hours:

Our pilgrims room is always open. Here you can find shelter from the weather and make yourself a tea or coffee.
We open at 2 pm, but on Wednesdays and Sundays at 3 pm. We close our albergue at 10 pm. In the morning people need to be out by 8 am.

Reserving a bed

We keep the reservations and guarantee these beds until 3 pm. After 3 pm we cannot guarantee the bed for you.
Sending your backpack to our Albergue is not a reservation and does not guarantee a bed.
A reservation is only valid once received and confirmed by us.

You can call us, send a whats app message, or message us on Facebook.

If you have arrived at our albergue before we open, you are encouraged to put your pack, or shoes, or yourself in line with those others that are waiting. When there are no more beds available we will always try to do our best to find you a bed somewhere else. We can help with transport sometimes as well. We will look after you!


Families with small children are welcome.  We prefer that they stay in the private room. If this is not possible: Children 0, 1 or 2 years old can stay in parents bed. Older kids pay the normal price.
Children 3 to 10 years pay for dinner €1,00 per year of age. (e.g. 5 year old= €5). Kids 0, 1, 2 years old are free if they sit on parents lap.


Animals (like dogs) cannot go inside, however, we are willing to find a solution for them to stay outside.


Our community has Jesus at the center; we are followers of Jesus. When Jesus walked the earth, he had many followers, and we still follow him now.  We are learning to love, to be in relationship with God. We don’t do this out of our strength but from a place of being loved and forgiven. We are loved by God and so are you. That simple fact changes everything.

Jesus Meditation

We have a daily and a weekly routine. These routines revolve around work and practical tasks, but also involve meals, gatherings to worship and pray, moments of teaching, excursions, hikes, and moments of meditation. Every evening we guide the Jesus Meditation and pilgrims are invited to join. This is a time to be in Jesus´ presence, through his Spirit. It is a time to become silent and listen. It is a time to come away from the many voices of the day and go to a place where we can hear the still small voice of Jesus.
The Jesus meditation starts at 20:30 and ends around 21:00. After that you are welcome to hang around, chat and enjoy a cup of tea. Please do not come in after the door has been closed.


Calle Plaza 4, 31242, Villamayor de Monjardín, Navarra, Spain

Phone / What’sApp:  +34 623 428 216

Facebook/Messenger:  Albergue Oasis Trails

Opening hours:

Our pilgrims room is always open. Here you can find shelter from the weather and make yourself a tea or coffee.
We open at 2 pm, but on Wednesdays and Sundays at 3 pm. We close our albergue at 10 pm. In the morning people need to be out by 8 am.
Officially we are open from April 1 to October 30.


Our albergue is a project by the local foundation ´Oasis Trails Spain´. We operate partially on the basis of donation. If you are considering to donate towards the work of Oasis Trails, more instruction on how to do so can be found here


Stichting Oasis Trails
RSIN 806768800 KvK 30146031